Connecting to Alkemi Earn

Instructions for connecting Metamask, Gnosis Safe and Portis digital wallets to the Earn protocol can be found below.

Alkemi Earn, built on Ethereum

KYC / AML approved users can connect their digital wallets to both the Verified and Open pools in the Earn protocol. Non-KYC / AML approved users can only connect to the Open pool. To connect, all users will require Ethereum addresses with a balance of Ether. Further information can be found here: creating an Ethereum wallet, buying and transferring Ether.

Instructions for connecting Metamask, Gnosis Safe and Portis digital wallets to the Earn protocol can be found below. Once connected, please proceed to the next section.


We recommend using the Google Chrome plugin for MetaMask. Once installed, the Metamask fox icon will appear as an extension at the top right hand corner of user web browsers. A prompt will appear requesting log-in for wallet activation when visiting Web3 enabled sites.

Please note that if the MetaMask prompt does not automatically open, you may need to first 'Select Liquidity Pool' >> 'Continue' and connect to the wallet manually by clicking the 'Connect' button in the top-right corner.

  1. Connect to the protocol via the Metamask Notification window that will have opened (see below screens). Note: Users may need to first unlock their wallets.

  2. Select the appropriate Ethereum account (allow-listed for KYC / AML approved users) with an ETH balance.

  3. Users may then select either the 'Verified' (if KYC / AML approved) or 'Open' pool and press "Continue".

Gnosis Safe

Gnosis Safe wallet management system is recommended for participants intending to add an extra security layer via multiple user key signature verification on transactions. This is known as "MultiSig". Rules can be created requiring multiple key-holder signature approval for transaction execution.

Instructions on how to connect to the Alkemi Earn app via a Gnosis Safe wallet can be found here.


Portis is another supported online Web3 wallet, similar to MetaMask.

Users can create an account and visit to log in before connecting to Earn.

Balances are displayed by asset type.

Users can then toggle between Earn and Portis browser tabs, approving any Earn transactions in the Portis wallet tab.

Other Wallets

In addition to MetaMask, and Gnosis Safe, Earn also supports other wallets including Fortmatic, Ledger, Wallet Connect and Coinbase Wallet. Information on how to connect and use these wallets will be added here soon.

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