This guide is for Alkemi Earn v.1.10.0. Please refer to for the latest version.


Thank you for choosing Alkemi Earn (‘Earn’). This document will explain how to use our protocol to start earning interest on your digital assets. For more information about security, trust, custody or other topics, please read our Security Statement.

Earn participants are required to complete and submit KYC documentation before using the protocol. Upon approval, users can connect to Earn with a variety of supported Web3 wallets, including MetaMask, and deposit assets to start generating yield immediately. Deposits can also be used as collateral to borrow other assets from the pool. Transactions can be executed within the Earn UI on a desktop browser or mobile device.

The following guide will cover the protocol functionality and underlying financial rules regarding interest, market utilization and collateral.

‌For feedback or questions, please contact [email protected]

Getting Started


Alkemi Earn is only accessible to KYC/AML verified counterparties. Please fill in and submit this application form along with image scans of the required documents to [email protected]

Prospective counterparties are also required to provide the Ethereum address(es) they intend to connect to the protocol. An Ethereum address is a 42 character hexadecimal address derived from the last 20 bytes of the public key controlling the account with 0x appended in front. e.g., 0x71C7656EC7ab88b098defB751B7401B5f6d8976F.


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Users can connect to the decentralized application (‘dapp’) using nominated wallets. Please see the following page for more information.