Q1 - 2018

    Alkemi Network founded

Q1 - 2019

    TechStars completed

Q2 - 2020

    Shift Markets partnership and investment
    Alkemi Earn and Shift NEXUS integration began

Q4 - 2020

    Alkemi Earn Mainnet launched

Q1 - 2021

    SAFE round closed
    Onboarded initial Liquidity Providers $3M Assets Under Protocol (AUP)

Q3 - 2021

    Alkemi Earn smart contract audit
    Launch permissionless pool on mainnet
    Token Generation Event (TGE)
    DAO setup, governance voting instated, Alkemi Network Foundation established
    Launch new products with CeFi partners

Q4 - 2021 (and beyond)

    Phase 2 governance evolution
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